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The primary goal of this exclusive event is to raise funds and awareness for three exceptional charities.


Each participant is to target £100 sponsorship with ALL funds raised will go to these Charities.


But why stop there?    The highest fundraisers will be rewarded with some fantastic prizes.


See prize pool for further jaw-dropping incentives!

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AberNecessities provides disadvantaged families with the essential and basic necessities that no child should go without.

From maternity bundles for mother and baby to nappies, formula milk, clothing, toys and equipment for children aged 0-18 years, AberNecessities recognises the importance of meeting the basic needs of a child in order to give them the best start possible.


Forget-Me-Not Club aims to provide a flexible, accessible, approachable and professional respite service to our members and their carers across all aspects of our provision.

Forget-Me-Not Club is constantly striving to build more dementia-friendly communities within Aberdeenshire.

Providing over 600 hours of respite day-care, outreach, pop-up, virtual and carer support each week

Give Wheel is the fundraising platform for the Aberdeen Runway Run 2022.

Plus by making it easy for your donors to include Gift Aid, for every £10 you raise, your charity receives £12.15.

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